Ansible examples ansible-examples Getting started ansible-guide Ansible modules ansible-modules Ansible roles ansible-roles Ansible ansible


Atom atom Cinema4d cinema4d Flashlight flashlight Inkscape inkscape Sketch sketch Sublime Text sublime-text Weechat weechat


Animated gifs animated_gif Ansi codes ansi Cron cron Curl curl Ffmpeg ffmpeg Find find Fish shell fish-shell httpie httpie Man man ncftp ncftp rename rename Rsync rsync Rtorrent rtorrent Sed sed Shell: named pipes sh-pipes Bash scripting sh Zsh zsh


CSS animations css-animation CSS antialiasing css-antialias CSS background css-background CSS flexbox css-flexbox CSS font css-font CSS selectors css-selectors CSS: System font stack css-system-font-stack CSS tricks css Sass sass Stylus stylus


AWS CLI awscli Chef chef Deis deis docker-compose docker-compose Docker CLI docker Dockerfile dockerfile EC2 API tools ec2 Flynn flynn Heroku heroku Vagrant vagrant Vagrantfile vagrantfile


Elixir metaprogramming elixir-metaprogramming Erlang ETS ets ExUnit exunit Phoenix: Plug.Conn phoenix-conn Phoenix: Ecto models phoenix-ecto Phoenix: Migrations phoenix-migrations Phoenix: Routing phoenix-routing Phoenix phoenix


GitHub pages gh-pages Git branches git-branch Git extras git-extras Git log format string git-log-format git log git-log Git revisions git-revisions Git tricks git GitHub github Tig tig Deploy gh-pages via Travis travis-gh-pages


Appcache appcache Applinks applinks Email email HTML/CSS html-css Input tag html-input Meta tags html-meta Microformats html-microformats HTML html Internet Explorer ie IE bugs ie_bugs Layout thrashing layout-thrashing Xpath xpath


Canvas canvas DOM Range dom-range DOM Selection dom-selection ES2015 es6 JavaScript workers javascript-workers applicationCache js-appcache JavaScript arrays js-array JavaScript Date js-date fetch() js-fetch Jsdoc jsdoc npm npm Promises promise

JavaScript libraries

101 101 Angular.js angularjs Awesome-redux awesome-redux Blessed blessed bluebird.js bluebird Bookshelf.js bookshelf Bower API bower-api Browsersync browser-sync Browserify browserify Brunch brunch Chai.js chai co co Commander.js commander-js Deku v1 deku-v1 Deku v2 deku eslint eslint expect.js expectjs Express.js express Gremlins.js gremlins Gulp gulp Handlebars.js handlebars-js Harvey.js harvey-js Immutable.js immutable-js Jasmine jasmine jQuery CDN jquery-cdn jQuery jquery js-model js-model jscoverage jscoverage Jshint jshint Koa koa Lodash lodash Meow meow Metalsmith metalsmith Middleman 3 middleman minimist minimist Mocha blanket mocha-blanket Mocha HTML mocha-html Mocha.js TDD interface mocha-tdd Mocha.js mocha Modella modella Modernizr modernizr Moment.js moment Nock nock Nopt nopt Q.js qjs Qunit qunit Ractive.js ractive Riot.js riot Shell.js shelljs Sinon-chai sinon-chai Sinon sinon Spine spine Superagent superagent Tape tape Underscore-string underscore-string Virtual-dom virtual-dom Vows vows Vue vue Webpack webpack Weinre weinre Yargs yargs Yarn yarn Zombie zombie


Hledger hledger Ledger CSV format ledger-csv Ledger examples ledger-examples Ledger format ledger-format Ledger periods ledger-periods Ledger queries ledger-query Ledger CLI ledger


Kramdown kramdown Markdown markdown Rdoc rdoc ReStructuredText rst Textile textile Tomdoc tomdoc Yaml yaml


assert nodejs-assert fs nodejs-fs path nodejs-path process nodejs-process Node.js API nodejs package.json package


Arel arel Controllers rails-controllers Rails features rails-features Form helpers rails-forms Rails gems rails-gems Helpers rails-helpers i18n rails-i18n Migrations rails-migrations Models rails-models Rails plugins rails-plugins Routes rails-routes Rails tricks rails-tricks Rails rails


Flux architecture flux React-router react-router React.js react Redux redux


Bundler bundler JavaScript speech synthesis js-speech Minitest minitest Rake rake Rspec-rails rspec-rails RSpec rspec Ruby ruby Ruby 2.1 ruby21 Rubygems rubygems

Ruby libraries

Capybara capybara Chunky PNG chunky_png Do gem do FactoryGirl factory_girl FFaker ffaker Machinist machinist Meta-tags meta-tags Pry pry PSD.rb psdrb rack-test rack-test Ronn ronn Sequel sequel Sequelize sequelize Slim slim


Projectionist projectionist Tabular tabular Vim digraphs vim-digraphs Vim Easyalign vim-easyalign Vim helpfiles vim-help Vim-rails vim-rails Vim-Unite vim-unite vim vim Vimscript functions vimscript-functions Vimscript snippets vimscript-snippets Vim script vimscript


Analytics analytics AppleScript applescript Code stuff badges Bootstrap bootstrap Homebrew index brew-index C Preprocessor c_preprocessor Caskroom index cask-index CircleCI circle Command line stuff command_line Cordova cordova Cryptography crypto Time formats datetime Devise devise Divshot divshot editorconfig editorconfig Emacs emacs Ember.js ember Firebase firebase Firefox firefox Flow flowtype Freenode freenode Fitness fitnessgeneral Gmail gmail Google Webfonts google-webfonts Google Analytics google_analytics Homebrew homebrew Imagemagick imagemagick Inline documentation inline-docs iOS Provisioning Profiles ios-provision iOS ios Jade jade Jekyll jekyll Less.js less Licenses licenses Linux linux Make for assets make-assets Makefile makefile Essential micronutrients micronutrients OS X osx Parsley.js parsley Pass pass Phusion Passenger passenger PlantUML plantuml Postgresql postgresql Premailer premailer Python python Regexp regexp Resolutions resolutions RESTful API rest-api Rubiks cube rubiks Semver semver Siege siege SimpleForm simple_form Social media images social-images Spreadsheet functions spreadsheet SQL Join sql-join tmux tmux Travis.yml travis Ubuntu ubuntu Universal JS module loader umdjs Unicode symbols unicode ZNC bouncer znc

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