Video games tell you what to do using quests or missions. There’s no reason this can’t work in real life, too. Books tell us to lead purpose-driven lives with long-term and short-term goals. Seems like a perfect way to make your life an RPG.


A mission is an achievable goal within 3 months or less. A mission should be broken down into sub-tasks. In other words, it’s an actionable short-term goal.

1703 Start a blog #project

  • Figure out the design
  • Write a few articles
  • Publishing

1704 Couch to 5K #fitness

  • Study the running program
  • Week 1 - 0.5km
  • Week 2 - 1km
  • Week 3 - 2.5km
  • Week 4 - 5km

1704 Get a job #career

  • Send 4 resumes
  • Get an interview
  • Go through negotiation
  • Get hired

1706 Plan vacation #life

  • Decide on destination
  • Book tickets
  • Book accomodations
  • Bon voyage!

I prefix each mission with a projected date of completion (1702 is 2017, February), but this is totally up to you. I do this to get a good retrospective at the end of the year of all the missions I’ve completed.

  • 1703 Start a blog
  • 1704 Couch to 5K
  • 1704 Job at Hyperfisk
  • 1706 Vacation to Paris
  • 1707 Remodel kitchen
  • 1707 Learn guitar

Keeping track

This system is so simple, you can use anything to keep track of it. As an Android user, I prefer using Google Keep. It lets me view all my missions at a glance, both ongoing and completed.


There are a variety of other ways to keep track of your missions, including using plain notebooks and pens. What’s important is you break your goals into manageable pieces, and give yourself a way to look back on your progress.