Navigate OS X with the keyboard


After switching to OS X, one thing I've always missed in Windows and Linux is the ability to spawn menus using Alt F. Today I realized that OS X has two ways to accomplish this.

Use Ctrl + F2 to navigate menus with arrow keys, or use / will get you the help menu.

Spotlight for menus

The / shortcut is essentially a Spotlight for menu items—it opens the help menu where you can type in the menu item you want. Not all applications support it, though.

Full keyboard access

Under the Keyboard preference pane, there's an option for Full Keyboard Access. I suggest enabling this, as this lets you navigate through file save windows with just the keyboard.

More shortcuts

^ F1Turn keyboard access on/off
^ F2Menu bar
^ F3Dock
^ F5Toolbar
^ F6Floating window
^ F8Status menu