Namespace convention

The convention we use puts everything in one App namespace to keep things organized properly.

window.App = {

Subsequent models, views, and other classes will be made in this namespace.

App.Photo = Backbone.Model.extend({

Some people prefer to use namespaces based on their app’s name. Consider, say, BF.Photo (instead of App.Photo) if your application name is “Bacefook.”

Models:                    App.Photo
Collections:               App.Photos
Views:                     App.PhotoView
Main router:               App.Router
Custom routers:            App.SpecialRouter

Router instance:           App.router
View instances:            App.photoView
Singleton model instances:
Collection instances:

Variation: two-level namespace

Some people prefer a verbose two-level version where the classes are divided into their own namespaces as well.

This is often done to make it easy to iterate over all available models, collections, and views.

Models:                    App.Models.Photo
Collections:               App.Collections.Photos
Views:                     App.Views.Photo