Rico's OEC guidebook How to get an OEC

:warning: This is a work in progress! guide will be updated as I find more information.

To many Filipinos, the hardest part of getting a job abroad is acquiring an OEC. The OEC, or Overseas Employment Certificate, is required by the Philippine government for Filipinos who would like to work overseas.

It's typically the most difficult part of the process, even harder than getting a work visa in another country. It's a process that spans at least 3 government agencies across 2-3 countries to obtain a certificate that's valid for 2 months.

I've documented every step of the process I took. Hopefully this'd help someone in the future!

— Rico Sta. Cruz (@rstacruz)

What's in this book

  • A comprehensive list of all requirements I needed.

  • An overview of the entire process, concerning POLO and POEA and more.

  • A list of hard-to-find documents, as well as directions for obtaining them.

  • A lot more. Read on!

:zap: Start here: Introduction

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