Force git to use SSH on GitHub

This forces GitHub to always use SSH, even for HTTPS URL's! This way, you can use https:// GitHub URL's and they will still use your SSH key.

git config --global url."[email protected]:".insteadOf ""

How it works

When you clone an HTTPS URL, it now gets rewritten as an SSH URL.

git clone

This URL will get rewritten to access via SSH instead of HTTPS. It will instead be: [email protected]:rstacruz/vimfiles.git

The inverse:
Use HTTPS instead of SSH

Alternatively, this forces GitHub to always use HTTPS. Great for macOS, where you can use git-credential-osxkeychain to store your GitHub token.

This will not rewrite [email protected]:user/repo.git URL's, though, so I don't really recommend it! Besides, SSH keys are often easier to manage than API tokens.

git config --global url."https://github".insteadOf git://github